Using Your Card

You’re up and running in no time

Planning your next trip is so exciting. It’s also important that you make sure your travel spending is well organised too. With Cash Passport, you can relax, knowing you’ve got the simplest, smartest way for your money to travel. Wherever you go, go with flexibility and freedom.

Keep your Cash Passport loaded and it’s ready for your next overseas trip.

Follow these 3 easy steps and your Cash Passport Card will be up and running in no time... 

Step 1 

Get your Cash Passport  at a selling location

Step 2 

Be sure to sign the back of your Card as soon as you receive it

Step 3 

Peel back the tab on your Card Carrier to reveal your Multi-Currency Cash Passport PIN number


That's it. You're ready to travel and spend!



Create your online account by visiting the 'My Account' section of the Cash Passport website.

In 'My Account' you can view your balance, move money between currencies and check your transactions.



All your “how do I’s” answered


In Branch



Reload my Cash Passport Card 

Yes (If the Card was bought in a branch)



Move money from one Currency to another


Yes, via 'My Account'


Get a PIN reminder




Check my balance


Yes, via 'My Account'


Get back the money I haven't spent (cash out)




Tell you my Card is lost/stolen/damaged

Please call Card Services straight away. Click here for Card Services contact numbers



Here for you, again and again and again

Of course you can use Cash Passport for one trip, but remember it’s valid for up to 5 years (see the valid thru on the front of your Card), so you can use it multiple times during the lifetime of the Card. Simply reload it for your next trip, load currency onto it when the exchange rate looks attractive or when you have a little spare money.

Make Cash Passport your simple and smart long-term solution for managing your holiday money.

Simply keep your Card, free of charge for 12 months from the date you last made a purchase, a withdrawal at an ATM or added money to your Card. If you haven’t had any activity on your Card for 12 months or longer, then you may incur a fee (unless prohibited by law). See the fees and limits table for details.

Cash Passport - Keeping you on track

If you’re having problems using your Card, here’s what you should check first:

•   Make sure you have enough money on the Card for your purchase.

•   Are you using the correct PIN? The “How do I’s?” section (above) tells you how to get a reminder.

•   Does the merchant that you are purchasing from accept MasterCard®?

•   Your Card has maximum limits on how much you can withdraw or spend. These limits are shown in the fees and limits table - are you exceeding them? In addition, some ATMs may have their own limits.


If you still have problems using your Card, check the ‘Essential Info’ section for more help and advice.  Alternatively, you may contact Card Services.  See Contact Us for local numbers.

Reload Process

Just take your Cash Passport, a valid photo ID^ and a form of payment to any participating Canadian branch of the original selling location and they will reload your Card for you. Payments will only be accepted from the primary cardholder. If you purchased your card at a Canada Post location you can also reload online at You will not receive interest on the Balance on the Card or the Funds you provide when loading and reloading the card. 

^ Passport, driver’s licence or national ID card.